Online Renewal Process

The OCDP allows for  individuals to renew ANYTIME within 90 Days of their expiration/renewal date HOWEVER whatever DATE you renew, the NEW expiration date will be set two years from THAT DATE.  

The board made the system change in elicense to assist any renewable certificate/license holder who reached their mandatory continuing education hours for renewal by giving them the CHOICE to renew anytime within 90 days of their expiration/renewal. This allows someone the opportunity to start earning CEUS for their next renewal cycle once they complete their current renewal.   Since renewals now happen automatically, instantaneously in the online elicense system,  each individual has the option to renew anytime within 90 days from their expiration date thus they could start earning CEUs for the next cycle OR they could wait until the day of their expiration/renewal date (or any day within the 90 days) and renew in elicense at that time. So whatever date you complete your renewal of an active certificate/license in elicense, your next expiration date of your renewable certificate/license will be two years from that date. The board does send renewal reminder notices to the email in your elicense account so make sure your email is kept updated, along with checking clutter/junk folders. 

Make sure you are uploading all of your renewal CEU certificates onto your CE Broker account PRIOR to renewing in elicense.

Continuing Education: Licensees applying for Treatment Renewals must complete courses that are approved by the Boards CEU approval process or another authorized CE entity.  The education provider must reference the name and approval number for the formal approval body on the CE certificate.

Colleges or University courses may also be used to meet the education requirements (copy of transcript required) but do not need to be pre-approved by the Board or another authorized entity. If using college education for CEUS: One semester hour = 15 clock hours (CEUS) or One quarter hour = 10 clock hours (CEUS)

Licensees are responsible to complete courses that meet the OCDP Board renewal requirements.  Currently, the Board does not complete upfront audits. The Board will determine during an audit the level of compliance. 

The CDCA PRE and RA are not renewable, if you choose to continue practicing you must apply for the next License level.  
NOTE-There is no education grid required for a renewal. (CDCA Preliminary, RA are not renewable) 

Log into elicense at using your email and password.  Use your old email if your email has changed. 


  1. Scroll down to the LICENSE TILE you want to renew   
  2. Click the OPTIONS TAB  
  3. Select RENEW  
BEFORE YOU PROCEED – Review the renewal education requirements for your license.  Renewal education hours must be complete prior to submitting this application to avoid any disciplinary action against your credential.  (CDCA-Pre’s and RA’s are NOT RENEWABLE.  CDCA-Pre’s must “apply for a new license” to obtain the next CDCA level).   
Application Instructions will appear on the screen to direct you.  Read through the renewal instructions, following the prompts to complete the Renewal Application.     
There is no option to upload renewal education attachments in the eLicense online system.  This option is only available for “initial formal applications”.  CE Broker is the Boards Renewal Platform for tracking and audit purposes.  Renewal education documents should be uploaded to your personal CE Broker account.  A free account is available at  
Application Review – When you select review and submit button the system will move to the next screen if your application is “Complete”.  If it is not complete you will see links to the sections that need additional information in order to proceed.  Be sure to save your answers. 
Accept your consent to sign your renewal application using your electronic signature.    
Type your name into the signature box just as it appears on your application (your name appears directly below the signature box as a reminder).   
SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION - Select “Submit” to move forward to the payment page.   
Your renewal approval will be processed once you complete the application. 
You will receive a current wallet card to the email address you provided on your profile.  Only electronic ID cards are generated at the time of renewal because the Wall Certificates only reflect the issue date which does not change.  Print replacement wallet cards from the Options Tab on your dashboard.   


Renewal instructions in elicense


Renewal education hours for treatment licenses that have received approval through the Board's formal approval process in CE Broker are guaranteed our acceptance. However, we also accept training presented by certain national associations at the Board's discretion that fit the content area criteria (upload in CE Broker under "Continuing Education Approved by an Organization other than the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board") and include NAADAC, NASW, ASWB, NBCC and other Ohio Behavioral Health Licensing Boards

  • Forty (40) hours of field related continuing education is required
  • Six (6) of those hours must be chemical dependency specific (C1-C5 Content area)
  • Three (3) of those hours must be in ethics
  • Individuals who hold the renewable Gambling credential must show six (6) hours of gambling specific education. 
  • Individuals who hold the LICDC-CS credentials must also show six (6) hours of education in Clinical Supervision topics


  • Twenty (20) hours of Prevention field related continuing education is required
  • Three (3) of those hours must be from Content Area P6-  Professional Growth & Responsibility ( Prevention Foundation & Prevention Science
  • One and a half (1.5) of those hours must be in Prevention ethics


  • Forty (40) hours of Prevention field related continuing education is required for renewal
  • Six (6) of those hours must be from Content Area P6-  Professional Growth & Responsibility ( Prevention Foundation & Prevention Science
  • Three (3) of those hours must be in Prevention ethics



INACTIVE ESCROW STATUS POLICY (for active licenses only)

Individuals holding an active license/certificate may move their renewable license/certificate into an Escrow Status (for up to 5 years) if they meet one of the following conditions: leaving the field, moving out of state, or for medical reasons.  Individuals may obtain Inactive, Escrow status by choosing License Inactivation - Escrow under the Options Tab in their elicense account.  The Escrow fee is $75.00.   A license/certificate may be renewed at any time while the license is inactive (after completing the required education hours for renewal).   Individuals that are on Inactive, Escrow Status are still subject to the code of ethics as defined in rules 4758-8-01 to 4758-8-03.  Individuals may not work under an inactive certificate/license.  

SPECIAL NOTE: The license will be inactivated “immediately” when the inactive request is processed.


Fees are non-refundable.

Standard Renewal fee


Late Renewal fee*


Dual License Renewal status**

Holding both an active renewable OCDP Treatment credential (CDCA, LCDCII, LCDCIII or LICDC) AND an active OCDP Prevention credential (OCPSA, OCPS or OCPC).

$100 per credential

Senior citizen renewal fee (retired, working 20 hours or less per week in any job, and 60 years or older)


Late Senior citizen renewal fee


Inactive, Escrow Status


*Renewals are considered late if they are submitted after the individual's expiration date.

**To receive the dual license discount, you must send an email to "before you pay". The subject line of the email should be Dual License Discount Request.


Individuals selected as part of an audit process are required to compile and submit verification of the educational hours used for their renewal. Verification may include copies of  continuing education certificates, or transcripts with courses for renewal hours circled on the transcript. Once this material is reviewed and approved by the Board, individuals will be issued a correspondence indicating that the audit was successfully completed. 

All continuing education hours for renewals are requested to be uploaded onto personal CE Broker accounts for the OCDP Board.  Audits will be conducted periodically of a percentage of our license and certificate holders. Failure to upload continuing education certificates and hours onto CE Broker for the OCDP board will show as noncompliant. All renewal requirements under OAC 4758-13 must be met for a successful audit . Individuals who cannot show completion of the required hours for renewal will receive a failed audit notice and will be referred to the Board for ethics violations.

See link for more information on CE Broker renewal management system